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Hoi, Hola, Bonjour, Hello, Ciao

I assume that you are getting married soon? You want single dances, several dances, a Father & Daughter Wedding Dance, a Crazy or Funny Wedding Dance, a customized Choreo or whatever your heart desires for your dance?

And in addition you are looking for dance teachers who can teach you exactly what you want?

Maybe you have seen casual videos on Youtube and would like to dance similarly, although one of you may have the following:

  •     3 left feet
  •     coordination problems
  •     no sense of time
  •     left / right - weakness
  •     Dance dyslexic
  •     Dominant woman

Then you are 100% at the right place with us. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful dance. And as far as our flexibility is concerned, we are world champions :-)

Because you can book us via direct lessons, online or both types of every day on 24 hours and 350 days. And even in the whole of Switzerland and the neighboring countries...even if you are getting married in 2 weeks!

We will first look at the basic figures together in a very uncomplicated way, in order to put them together later to a casual choreo.

We offer the following in Zurich, Brugg, Laufenburg, Schönenwerd, Zweisimmen, Saanen & Schönried:

1. private lesson 55 minutes with both of you

    CHF 45 per person in CH (35 in Laufenburg DE)

2. lump sum incl. the following services:

  •     wedding dance choreography tailored & choreographed to you
  •     written description of the dance steps
  •     discussion of the song selection
  •     choose music, prepare, cut, adapt etc.
  •     record what you have learned on video
  •     exchange of very important information about the wedding

3. we also come to your home

or office etc. for a small extra charge.

4. can we dance?

But can we, the teachers from idance dance school, really dance ourselves? Yes, see the following recordings:

5. how much does your wedding dance cost?

The most important question we are asked is:

"How much does a choreo resp. dance cost?"

To clarify this we need to know the following:

  • Do you want to come to our place?
  • Or do we come to you?
  • How well can you dance?
  • What kind of dress and shoes will the bride wear?
  • and much more.

And to clarify exactly these points (and others), how much your dance will cost, we need to meet. Or at least exchange via phone 076`415`52`52 or e-mail via

You would bring or show the following to the 1st meeting (if we didn't get it before):

  1. A photo of the wedding dress
  2. If you already know it, the songs on a stick or YouTube links
  3. Wedding shoes or similar that you will wear at your wedding or dancing shoes, no work shoes
  4. Camera (Smartphone, VHS camera:-) etc.
  5. Stick
  6. Paper and pen
  7. The partner or the partner:-)
  8. Agenda
  9. Good mood
  10. Cash for the deposit, in case we agree on something
  11. Idea of which dance or dances you would like (here are our couple dances)

Here are some more links of several dances in a chore. The following recordings are all learnable and we were already allowed to teach them. They are meant to help you with ideas and can be adapted individually.

6. we like each other

If we like each other after the conversation and agreed on an amount, we will do the 1st private lesson. There we will already learn one thing and another.


Before you say we are too far away, read this section:

  • Closer than you think Link !

7. DJ Michi

From CHF 850.- we would have a (for us) best DJ. Since he is also a dance teacher and loves to dance, he will not only DJ. He can also act as a dancer (it could be that there are ladies among the wedding guests who have no one to dance with). He will be very happy to play your song requests so that you will have a great party!

I feel like idance !

Wedding Dance on English
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